MIB Bruna Immersive Museum

The museum was born in the context of a city already Unesco site since 1993 and European Capital of culture for 2019 which has started a journey of enhancement of its roots as an ancient people of farmers and shepherds. The ritual of the wiping is the figure of a people who over the centuries have cultivated beauty, training their callused and tired hands on a hard and arid land of the Murgia to handle paper, glue and gold leaf to build papier-mâché artifacts that , crossing the city, they reminded everyone that we do not become attached to things: they are only tools that serve to convey universal values.

They are destroyed and rebuilt because the people trust their resources and know that every day, every year, you can do even better. This tells the origins of the festival and the history of Matera, guiding the visitor on an immersive, exciting and engaging multimedia journey. The site will host a shopping area of ​​papier-mâché products and creative and artistic recycling: papier-mâché has the added value of being a poor and ancient art, which is very modern in a society that is trying to convert consumption into passion for the recovery, the same that our peasant fathers had. A recycling not only of materials but the virtuous recovery and recycling of values.

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