Vicinato a Pozzo

Free admission: children up to 10 years, disabled and carers of disabled, journalists, exhibition inauguration. Individuals, individuals or groups, who have working relationships or otherwise interact with the Municipality for institutional purposes.

The accesses will take place in safety in compliance with the DPCM regarding the safety of visitors and the note n.4365 of 26/05/2020 of the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism

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The Vicinato a Pozzo di Rione Malve is a symbolic place in the recent history of Matera, an urban space rich in meaning.
The first piece of the Park of the History of Man with which Matera tells the eight thousand-year history of human presence on its territory, from prehistory to space, from rupestrian to rural civilization.
The story of an important period will be reconstructed within the ancient dwellings, through rare archive footage that recounts the reality of the Sassi in the 1950s.